A Word of Love.


 A Word of Love

Our food habits have changed in present scenario. Quality of food products have also become unreliable  due to adulteration.

Our Grand Mother’s knew working health tips which were really very handy in case of emergencies.

Cost of medical support has  gone up very high, at times out of budget.

The pollution and adulteration has increased health risks  many folds.

Nature has given us plenty of natural, pure resources.

Best food diets come from Natural resources, rich in all medicinal values.

Eating habits of  Natural Diet under  proper guidance / knowledge helps in a good health.

Eating fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, natural diets and pulses keep diseases away.

Happy Eating for a  Happy Life.


A word of suggestion by :

Dr. Rakesh Chand Garg,

Homeopathic Doctor,

B.M.S. (Agra University)

KH-89, Kavi Nagar,

Ghaziabad 201002


Phone.             0120-4101721

Mobile.             92 116 10408


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