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A Boy

Everyone might have read about Mom’s, Wife’s and Girl’s…

Its time to learn something about Men…

Who is a boy / man ?

A boy / man is one of the most beautiful creations of God.



He starts compromising at very tender age. He sacrifices his chocolates for his sister.

boy-with-sister boy-with-sister2


Later he sacrifices his love for just a smile on his parents face. He sacrifices his love for his wife and children by working late nights.



He builds their future by taking loans from banks and then repaying them for the life time. Thus he sacrifices full youth for his wife and children without any complain.




Believe me he struggles a lot but still has to hear the music (scolding) of Mother, wife and his boss. Yet every mother, wife and boss tries to have control over him.

boy-cheerful-with-family boy-different-agegroups        


Finally his life ends up by compromising for others happiness. He is that creature of God who no one can compete with.


Respect every boy / man in your life. You will never know what he has sacrificed for you.
Just extend your hand when he needs it and you shall receive twice fold love from him.

Enough Of Girls / Women / Wife Emotional Mails Now… Boys also Have Emotions, respect it. 🙂

(contributed by : A Mohan Rao on 22.07.2011)

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