U love someone
U marry someone else.
The one u marry
becomes ur wife or husband
And the one u loved
becomes the password of ur mail id”
———— ———
There’s only one perfect child in the world & every mother has it.
There’s only one perfect wife in the world & every neighbor has it.
———— ———
Three dreams of a man:
To be as handsome as his mother thinks.
To be as rich as his child believes.
To have as many women as his wife suspects…
———— ———

Husband & wife are like liver and kidney. Husband is the liver & wife the kidney.
If the liver fails, the kidney fails. If the kidney fails, the liver manages with other kidney.

———— ———

Generation Next Motto: Na hum shaadi karenge, na apne bachchon kokarne denge.

———— ———

What’s the diff between Dava & Daru?
Dava is like a girlfriend, that comes with an expiry date and
Daru is like a wife, Jitni purani hogi utna sir chad ke bolegi…
———— ———

Wife ko Begum kyon kehte hain?
Kyonki shaadi ke baad saare gum to husband ke hisse mein aate hain aur wife Be-Gum ho jaati hai.
———— ———

The Japanese have produced a camera that has such a fast shutter speed it can take a picture of a woman with her mouth shut!

(contributed by : A Mohan Rao on 12.4.2011)


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