Tips for Sky Diving

  1. You must be 18 years old or older and weigh less than 250 pounds to go skydiving. Regardless of whether or not your parents are in agreement with your skydiving, minors are not allowed to jump. If you weight too much, your parachute may not slow your descent enough and you could get seriously hurt, hence the weight limit.
  2. Most skydiving instructors will not let your jump alone for your first try, as you simply have not had enough experience to handle it alone. While some skydiving instructors may allow you to do so, those are few and far between. Expect to jump in tandem with an instructor the first time that you jump.
  3. You will need to receive training in order to be allowed up in the plane to skydive, and you should expect to spend at least a couple of hours on the ground learning about skydiving before you even think about going up into the air.
  4. Skydiving can be terrifying, and people with weak hearts and nearly any kind of sickness are usually not allowed to jump. You need to be in good health if you want to be allowed up on the plane for your jump.
  5. There are a number of risks and hazards involved in skydiving, and you should be well informed of these before you go jumping. There is always the chance that you will land wrong and injure yourself, and you need to be able to think quickly. There is usually no more than a minute between the jump and the landing, and you need to react quickly.
  6. Always wear the proper clothing: clothes that are not too loose but not so tight as to restrict your movement. Also, make sure that you wear running shoes or shoes that you can tie tightly. You don’t want your shoes flying off while you are in the air, and you will need shoes to absorb some of the impact of your landing.
  7. Remember that you will only fall for about a minute, though that could be more or less according to the height you jumped from. It feels wonderful to fall freely through the air, but you need to keep focused so you can deploy your parachute in time.
  8. Find a good school to learn about skydiving, as that can help you prepare for your first skydiving experience.
  9. Be sure that you really desire to skydive, and are not just doing it because of peer pressure or some other reason. It is a dangerous sport, and only those with the desire to do it should.
  10. Have fun and enjoy yourself, for that is what skydiving is all about.

(contributed by : Ruhani Rabin – Tech, Life and Interestingness on 17.05.2011)

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