Diabetes Food.


Diabetes Food

GS SODHI was 45 years old when he was diagnosed with diabetes. For the next six years, he avoided medicines and relied on yoga to control sugar level. It was only when he fell sick with bronchial tuberculosis and had a checkup that he discovered his fasting sugar level had shot up beyond 200. The doctor said that the tuberculosis wasn’t treatable until his sugar level was brought down. Insulin shots were begun along with a tuberculosis regimen. Still, his diabetes couldn’t be brought under control.

Sodhi began experiencing side-effects of the disease: The constant thirst and excessive sweating caused by diabetes interfered with his ability to work in his factory. “My reputation was that of a hyperactive person but lethargy over-took me,: he says. He suffered for ever 15 years until he decided to adopt his wife Roop’s eating regimen. She too was a diabetic who suffered from other complications such as high blood pressure and thyroid problems.

But a consultation with a lifestyle specialist who advised dietary modifications helped. Changes began at the dining table and six months later, she was off the sugary track. Her husband followed suit. “I was doubtful about whether I would be able to manage all the restrictions, as I loved those aloo paranthas. But I decided to try and had a diet plan charted out for myself,” he says.

The Plan

Breakfast: Sugarless green tea along with 5-7 piecesĀ of almonds, soaked overnight and an apple or orange.

An hour-long session in the gym and yoga practice followed by protein shake coupled with three eggs-one with yolk and two without. One glass of vegetable juice with 10 pieces of almonds.

Lunch: Combination of curd, a cup of whole dal and green veggies. This would be followed by nuts and coconut water / lemon juice.

Dinner: seventy grams of fish or chicken with two helpings of green veggies.

For the last 18 months, Sodhi has followed this schedule and is completely off insulin shots.

“Today my fasting sugar level has dropped fron 240 to 130. I have parted ways with my favorite foods but it’s worth the sacrifice,” says Sodhi. His wife Roop’s health has improved too: Her sugar levels, high blood pressure and thyroid are under control. Sodhi feels that the key to keeping diabetes in check is to be determined to get rid of it at any cost. “It sounds tough, but if you stick to a controlled regime, it isn’t that difficult to maintain it,” he says.

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