Tea, Bow tie and caps are few items of Personal choice.

Personal appearance and apt apparels play an important role in everybody’s life. The western attire of both men and women has to fulfill a number of norms like trousers, shirt, jacket and Bow Tie

Bow Tie is a variation of neck tie. This is a strip of cloth or band used to wear around the shirt collar.  It is knotted in a way to form two loops at both sides. The knot resembles the spread butterfly wings or bat wings.   It was used exclusively by men but in the late Eighties certain ladies wears were also fashioned to have a Bow Tie.

The textile used to design a Bow Tie can be any rich silky, cotton or synthetic material. Today a bow tie is knotted like a shoe lace. Besides, being worn by teachers, politicians, lawyers, and many professionals, people are seen to using it while dressed in a dress code for formal functions. In western marriages or wedding receptions the groom wears it with a tuxedo.

Besides dressing up well, carrying a wallet purse is an important aspect seen, both in men and women. There are so many varieties of wallets available. Produced in bulk for various marketing strategies or handcrafted in pure leather. Money clips or wallets to carry both cash and business cards.

The ladies wallet purse is a slightly bigger version or a wallet portion attached to a clutch purse. A wallet could be added piece in a lady’s handbag.

The next in the line of clothes for men, women or children is Caps. Wearing Caps essentially to protect oneself the Sun, rain or to keep the hair from being ruffled.  You can buy the Caps online just you would buy them in the stores.  This will save some time and some money. The advantage of buying the Caps Online is getting a maximum discount and an assurance from the Caps designers

Another interesting item in adult life is coffee or tea.  There are so many blends of tea available le in the market today that choosing the best tea to suit your taste is very difficult. Tea is such a personal choice that even preparing it is personal. Some like it with lemon grass, ginger or their spicy tea. The best tea is the one you have in your home at the end of the day.  Tea can be had with or without milk.

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