Snake Catcher

Snake Noodling! This is what real men do !!!!!!

I am the puller, but if you are interested, the position of hole-guy is open.

Python catchers in Africa

First, we wrap our arm in a skin for protection


Then we find a big hole and hole-guy crawls in.


We use modern lighting.


There it is.


Those must be eggs.


I let it take my protected arm. Sort of like noodling for fish.


Then my buddy pulls me out with snake attached.


Ain’t it a beaut?.


It’ll feed the village for a while.


So, you think your work is tough?
Awe Gee!! You have to stand in line at the grocery store for your food.
And You have to go to work




(contributed by: mohan Rao on 06.10.2011)

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