She Walked her way out of it

Prabha Sood knew some – thing was wrong when she started feeling lethargic all the time. “I discovered i had developed diabetes when i had my blood tested,” she says. She approached a couple of endocrinologists, who prescribed medication. But this didn’t bring her diabetes under control. At that point, she decided to try and modify her lifestyle. “I made some changes in my diet but more than that, I started walking daily for a minimum of an hour in the morning and one in the evening,” she says. In the beginning, the walking tired her but she persisted and after about a month, she got used to he schedule and the walks started refreshing her.

The Plan:-

One hour walk in the morning and an hour in the evening.

Breakfast:- Eggs, curd, sprouts, cucumber slices and one bowl of papaya.

Eveninig Snacks:- Two biscuits with green tea. Sometimes, boiled vegetables and nuts too.

Lunch / Dinner:- Chicken, two fruits, salads, papaya and peanuts.


She has followed this schedule for the last seven months. While she has become more flexible with her diet, the walks continue. Two months into her new regimen, her fasting sugar levels dropped to 140. Seven months later she was off medicines. “Initially it takes a lot of effort to stick to a regime like this but in the long run one gets used to it,” she says. In her opinion, it’s the walking that has been her saviour.

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