Scams in India

Want to “set” a question paper based on “The Scams in India” any school willing?

COIMBATORE:  A private matriculation school in Coimbatore had controversially tested the English grammar skills of Class X students in half-yearly and revision examinations by discreetly using DMK president M Karunanidhi and his family members as central characters.

The English-I half-yearly examination conducted last September had this statement in a punctuation exercise: “Maran said I have looted the nations wealth and so I can buy votes in the election.”

Under the section where students had to choose the sentence which correctly conveys the meaning of the given sentence, the paper had this sentence: “Nobody can forget how he cheated the people of  Tamil Nadu for five decades.”

Students were asked to convert into indirect speech a sentence which read: “He said to the Tamilians, ‘If you throw me into the sea, I will swim to the shore and continue cheating you’.”

The reference obviously was to Karunanidhi’s  soft repeated statement in Kalaignar TV of him transforming into a raft on which people can continue their voyage, if he were to be dumped into the sea.

The candidates also had to answer which of the options would best suit the sentence: “If he had taught his daughter the tactics of scientific corruption – (a) she would have got punished, (b) she would not have got punished, (c) she would have been punished.”

There’s more. Taking a dig at Karunanidhi’s personal life, a section on rewriting a sentence from active to passive voice had this statement “You should have married three women and they should not have chosen the Cabinet Ministers” and “The politicians swindled the people’s money and God sent them to Tihar jail.”

When contacted, Coimbatore Inspector of Matriculation Schools, S Gopi said, “The school seems to have procured the question papers from a private publication house in Tirunelveli.”

Over 70 per cent of the schools procure question papers from the Government.

However, this school did not do that.” The private school authorities were unavailable for comment.



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