Incident from Mahabharat

29/03/2011 1 By victor

The scene describes the previous evening before the kurukshetra war. Krishna calls everyone to assemble in the main tent. Yudhishter, Bhim, Arjun, Nakul, Sahadev, Draupathi all are there. Krishna says to everyone

‘Dharma Yudh is going to start next day. I want all of you to focus on your duty and not carry any baggage with you.  Now is the time to share and dump your inner thoughts and own your weakness and mistakes. This will relieve you of the burden you have been carrying on for so many years and you can focus on your mission tomorrow.’

He then looks at Yudhishter to take a lead and say his piece.

Yudhishter says that he has two weaknesses. He loves gambling and while playing it never occurred to him that he is making a big mistake by using his own brothers and wife as a stake. He says that he is responsible for this war and not Duryodhan. Then he continues and says that his another mistake was to keep quiet when an injustice was being done. He never challenged or spoke his mind when someone was making a big mistake. He confesses that by not speaking against such things, he has become party to such injustice.

The mentality of not speaking our mind, mistaking that as politeness, respect or avoiding confrontation has been in existence from Mahabharat  days.

(contributed by Vijay Kumar R on 16.03.2011)