New Calibry 5.0 Pipette Calibration Software

14/10/2011 0 By sumit singh


METTLER TOLEDO’s latest user-friendly pipette calibration software helps generate accurate results for less rework and reduced operating costs


METTLER TOLEDO’s new Calibry 5.0 pipette calibration software offers the usability of previous versions with an important difference. Identifiers can now be written directly to RFID-enabled RAININ pipettes. Quick tagging offers enterprise-wide traceability for pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical research. Serial number entry errors are eliminated, productivity increases, and costs are reduced.


Greifensee, Switzerland METTLER TOLEDO understands that pipette accuracy plays a significant role in generating quality lab results. So we’re pleased to announce user-friendly next-generation Calibry 5.0 pipette calibration software. Calibry 5.0 offers the easy ability to monitor the accuracy of pipettes with regular testing and calibration. You can ensure pipettes are performing within tolerance – a sure way to reduce risk and costs associated with poor quality results.


New in this version, processing dates and other identifying information can be directly written to RFID-tagged RAININ pipettes. This reduces risk of operator error, which equals less money wasted through costly rework. Speedier single- and multi-channel pipette calibration also enhances productivity, whether operators are working pharmaceutical, biotech or chemical/fine chemical research and manufacturing.


Step-by-step calibration guidance makes Calibry 5.0 extremely user-friendly. Calibry 5.0 also meets flexibility requirements for the modern R&D lab, featuring a comprehensive list of calibration data for 2,500 pipettes from all major manufacturers.


When pipette type is selected, calibration information is immediately available. Calibration data is recorded automatically, saving time and eliminating opportunities for operator error. METTLER TOLEDO will support 5.0 Calibry by adding new pipettes and tolerances as they become available so you can continue using the most suited pipette to your particular application.


Calibry 5.0 also stores pipette calibration histories and offers reports in easy-to-analyze formats. Open concept reporting lets operators download results into commonly-used programs such as Microsoft Excel or Word. Temperature and humidity readings can be recorded automatically to save time and improve data reliability using Testo’s 435/635/735 series of measuring instruments. Devices from other manufacturers can be adapted as well, further enhancing Calibry 5.0’s versatility in today’s competitive lab environments.


To meet the high standards METTLER TOLEDO is known for, Calibry software can be verified ISO 8655. METTLER TOLEDO offers a complete validation manual and service. User permissions, password protection and audit trail functionality ensure secure data management to meet 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.


For more information on how METTER TOLEDO and Calibry 5.0 can enhance the quality and productivity of pharmaceutical, biotech, and other chemical/fine chemical R&D and manufacturing operations, please visit: