Mom, fondly remembered and greatly missed

It’s been exactly one year now since God took dear mom from us. Very unfair on His part. Still seems like a nightmare, but alas, this one got real. One little infection and suddenly things began crashing. Couple of painful days and sleepless nights and everything changed forever. One year and we all can still feel her with us. Around us. We miss every little thing about her. An epitome of love, warmth, care. A teacher. A corrector and above all, a very loving mom. Maa. Mum. Mummy.

Every evening that I would come home, I would be shouting a hello. Loud. And hug her. She was always there. With a loving welcoming smile. Even though when she was confined to the wheel chair. Even when she was dazed after the painful dialysis sessions. Even if she was very unwell. She was always there. For me. For us. The loud hello still echoes as I enter but the smiling one is gone. Void felt. Hugs Missed. Terribly.

I have no complaints with God. Maybe that was an end to her sufferings. But the only thing I have for Him is, “Thora time aur ruk jaate. Thori baatein aur karne dete.”

The only solace is, we cannot see her, but I am sure she can. She cannot talk to us, but we can. And I do. Whether it’s a new project or a big problem solved. I keep talking to her. Lessens the pain. We can feel the aura. I just know she is around. But there are many doubts and queries in life that only she could answer. From simple ones like “what gift should we give them” to complex ones like “mom, what should I do in this situation”, there are moments in life only a mother can pull you out from.

Today I would just like to tell her, mom, wherever you are now, you will always be fondly remembered and greately greately missed. Forever.

Love you maa. And miss a you lot.


(remembered by : Kapil Bamba on 06.04.2011 )

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