Mani Mahesh Lake

‘Mani Mahesh’ is considered Lord Shiva-Parvati’s loving adobe. It is said that Lord Shiva gave wish to Lord Krishna that which ever Aughar will take bath in Manimahesh Lake on “Janmastmi”, do his all Siddhiyan will be fruitful, when Radha asked for blessings, Lord Shiva said that whosoever human being takes bath in Manimahesh Lake on “Radhastmi”, his all wishes will be achieved.

Where is it & How to go:- Among the five abode of Shiva ‘Mani Mahesh’ is situated in Chamba District in Himachal Pradesh. Pathankot is very well connected by road & railway to the Country. From Pathankot to Chamba(135 km) , there is regular bus-service. Bharmaur is at a distance of 65 km away from Chamba. At a distance of 12 km from Bharmaur, Hadsar is situated, From where Mani Mahesh Yatra starts by foot. From Hadsar 7 km away Dhanchhou valley is the midpoint of the yatra. Here Bhasmasur got his wish of burning everything he touched by making Lord Shiva Happy, then reach Parvati Kund. Parvati Ma used to take bath here, Govt. has arranged many tents & blankets at Parvati Kund & Dhanchhou. Mani Mahesh Lake just 1km away from Parvati Kund.

When to go:- From Janmastmi to Radhastmi every year thousands of people visit Mani Mahesh Lake. This is right time to visit Mani-Mahesh.

Luggage:- Woollens, Sweater, Warm Jacket, Rain Coat, Gloves, Torch, Sports Shoes, Woolen Shocks, Woolen cap, Muffler, Goggles and Stick etc. are required.

Important:- In front of Mani Mahesh Lake on Kailash Parvat Ganesh’s Nandi & other Shiv Parivar ices statue appear almost alive. None has been able to climb up on Kailash Parvat. Whose ever tried, never come back.




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