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Lord Mahavir

Lord Mahavir

Lord mahavir (Sanskrit महावीर, Kannada ಮಹಾವೀರ and Tamil அருகன்(“Arugan”) means “Great Hero”, traditionally 599–527 BCE[1]) is the name most commonly used to refer to the Indian sage Vardhamana (Sanskrit: वर्धमान ) who established what are today considered to be the central tenets of Jainism. According to Jain tradition, he was the 24th and the last Tirthankara. In Tamil, he is referred to as Arugan or Arugadevan. He is also known in texts as Vira or Viraprabhu, Sanmati, Ativira,and Gnatputra. In the Buddhist Pali Canon, he is referred to as Nigantha Nātaputta.


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