Kid’s Courage

Not an  animation story  but a real incident.

Barun Khandelwal, a seven year old boy of 8/1, Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata was playing near an elevator on saturday 23.07.2011, when one of his friend playfully pressed the lift button. His left hand got trapped in the auto doors of the lift and chopped off his hand.

Barun had the courage, lifted his chopped hand, informed his grand mother on sixth floor about the incident. The boy then walked down the staircase with his grand mother and went straight to hospital with the chopped-off hand. He bravely asked the doctor to reattach it.

Barun never lost his senses and steadily under went the critical surgery for six hours. He never cried during the surgery. said Anupam Ghosh, consultant Plastic and hand surgery, who performed the operation at Calcutta Medical Reserch Institute Hospital.

Barun was more surprised by the scared  reactions of people around him. He had got inspiration from the cartoon films on TV, and felt that the hand can be easily re-attached after an operation.

(source : Mail Today dated 26.07.2011)

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