Tips For Children

1.) In morning before going to school always eat something with milk, take bread or chapatiĀ  to remain away from cold and Sinus.

2.) With cold drink always eat some thing.

3.) Give sour food less to children. By taking it more they can have throat diseases. It can make child much slim or too fat because sourness effect Hormones.

Some Information for a New born Baby :-

1.) Mother should not eat curd or rice in first forty days. This will make a baby weak. She should have normal diet. Have dal or vegetable with little Khataai it relieves mother from body pain and helps in growth of child.

2.) After washing hair mother should never feed the baby it will cause baby cold.



(Contributed by:-Dr. Rakesh Chand Garg, Homeopathic Doctor, KH-89, Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad,Ph. 4101721, Mo. 9211610408)

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