Indian Habits.

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Indian habits


All Indians have  typical eating habits.

A few habits are:

  • Always order soup 1 by 2 (invented in India). That way you get more soup.
  • When ordering sugar cane juice, first insist on no Ice & after a few sips, ask for ice.
  • Ask for extra papri / golgappa after you finish your Bhel or Sev or Pani – Puri.
  • Ask for free cucumber / aloo /  freebees after you have eaten sandwich.
  • Sample all the ice cream flavours free & then order what you always eat.
  • Taste Free samples of many sweets at a Sweet Shop

Lageh Raho, Munna Bai.


Some habits which have stopped now due to circumstances

  • Ask for free Salad – Onions / Green mirch / Lemon / Carrot / Radish
  • Ask for free vegetable Gravy.
  • Ask for free Dal for Roti at a Dhaba
  • Ask for free Butter Chicken Gravy.
  • Ask for free Toffee from a General Merchant shopkeeper.
  • Ask Photographers to take their Snap at a party.
  • Ask for Free lift in Car.



( Contributed by : kapil Bamba on 01.03.2017 )


Good narration of facts and observations.

When in the USA / Dubai, we have observed that ALL our visitors from India have tried to behave like Americans do (no spitting or throwing anything on the roads etc). However, they are back to the “old” normal habits, soon after landing in India. Obviously, training was not helpful.



(contibuted by : Govind Kamath on 13.07.2011)