High Blood Pressure Treatments.

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High Blood Pressure Treatments

Reduce Blood Pressure and Gain 10 Years With 6 Cures!

Are you aware there are currently over 50 high blood pressure cures? But the problem is identifying which ones work and which don’t. This article will cover some of the ones that do. The cost of high blood pressure meds and their nasty side effects has made more and more sufferers turn to natural treatments than ever before. There a number of studies done where patients who used natural remedies were more likely to lower their blood pressure (BP) than patients who use prescription drugs.

Why Consider Natural High BP Cures?

Natural Remedies is a growing market in America because there is a large number of people that are fed up with the serious side effects that come with prescribed medicine. Therefore more and more people are making a conscious decision and are reversing high BP with nutrition tips, lifestyle tips, breathing tips, supplements, vitamin therapy and herbal remedies. What is more striking is that the majority of the people that choose a natural remedy over prescribed meds are more likely to immediately feel better, lower their BP and lose weight. Why? Because their body is renewing and de-aging itself. If you suffer from high BP your body age is between 10 and 20 years older than your real age – fact!

So, here are some high BP cures that treats hypertension and adds 10 years to your life!

High Blood Pressure Treatment # 1- Diet.

Your Diet is the most important contributor to your blood pressure. Health experts recommend a diet that is rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts and dried beans. You also need to dramatically reduce the amount of red meat you eat along with sodium (salt). Experts recommend that you eat less than 1500 milligrams a day.

High Blood Pressure Cure # 2- Supplements.

You also need to incorporate supplements intake. There are a number of vitamins and minerals which have shown to normalize blood pressure. One of the most important nutrients to help combat hypertension is potassium. Duke Research has shown that you could drop almost 20 points by getting 4,700 milligrams of potassium a day. A great source of potassium is found in bananas.

High Blood Pressure Treatment # 3- Magnesium.

Magnesium is another important nutrient and it is something that your body is probably currently lacking in. You see potassium and magnesium have an important relationship, so if you have low magnesium levels, it’s very likely that your potassium levels will be low as well. Health experts recommend 400 milligrams of magnesium a day for hypertension patients. A cup of black beans for example has 120 milligrams whereas 2 ounces of almonds have 156 milligrams.

High Blood Pressure Cure # 4- Calcium.

Calcium is the third nutrient recommended for treating hypertension. They help stop blood clots. The majority of adults are calcium deficient without even being aware of it. It is recommended to get 1,250 milligrams of calcium a day. The following foods are a good natural source of calcium: broccoli, low fat dairy products and spinach.

High Blood Pressure Treatment# 5- Relaxation.

It is very crucial that you learn to de-stress as this can help lower your blood pressure in just a few hours. Did you know that even mild stress can raise your BP? A great way to reduce stress is through meditation. Find a quiet spot in your house, with no background noise and no disruptions and close your eyes for 10 minutes. Try and eliminate all your thoughts as they begin entering your mind and your BP will lower itself naturally in minutes.

High Blood Pressure Cure # 6- Herbs.

There are a number of herbs that help reduce high blood pressure however a very well known and effective herb is garlic! Garlic is often branded as a magic herb because not only does it lower BP, it also lowers cholesterol! Begin eating garlic or take a garlic supplement today.

These are just a few of the natural cures out there that treat hypertension. However I hope that you are interested enough to learn more in order to help you combat this deadly disease.



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