Healthy Life Tips.


 Healthy Life Tips

1.) After getting up in the morning,  sit outside in light for minimum 15 minutes.

2.) Avoid ginger tea in the morning. It may cause  skin diseases like pimples on face, itching and weak the heart.

3 ) Tulsi in the  tea is the best for healthy life.

3.) Have only Light eye wash  in the morning.  Avoid heavy  eye wash.

4.) Take fruits in breakfast with food only. Only fruits without food causes cold and sinus.

5.) Boiled milk  with  bread or biscuit for children gives a good health.

6.)  For best health results, water drying fruits like Banana, Apple, Papaya, Cheeku should be taken with Citrus fruits –  Orange /  Pornegrenate. Alternately  drink  lime water or  tea.

7.) Ajvain, Black Chilli, Black salt should not be taken much, it causes skin diseases.

8.) We should not eat small things kept at home like biscuits or namkeen. After eating them we should always take milk or tea. No water should be taken, it can cause Acidity or Gas.

9.) In Lunch / food should have vegetables. If we do not have them curd or milk should be always taken.

10.) Always we should take medicine after taking good food. One slice of bread or chapaati with milk should be taken but not just one biscuit.

11.) In fever, cold or cough we should not eat moong dal or khichdi. If this khichdi will be cooked with porridge then the disease will be cured fast.

12.) In fever or cough the fruits should be used little.

13.) If throat infection occurs hot water should be taken. Salt should not be taken and while eating at that time milk bread should be used.

14.) Take curd when eating  Maithee, Spinach. This helps in good  digestion else it may promote  piles.

15.) The vegetables with  tari (curry – liquid) helps in reducing  heart diseases. Use only fresh Atta (flour). Avoid   use of dry vegetables.

16.) Kidney Disease – Use of artifical  colours  causes kidney diseases. Avoid medicines with  empty stomach.

17.) Some people think we should not drink water after eating food. We should drink water to avoid constipation and warming of blood.

18.) Today there are many reasons for Blood Pressure. Avoid  use of eatables  kept  over  night and  refrigerated eatables.  Avoid previous night’s flour and use of dry vegetables in case of high Blood Pressure.

19.) Moong Dhuli Dal is cause for Gas trouble. To avoid Gas, take Moong Dhuli Dal with some vegetables or  potatoes.

20.) Use of  Apple’s Murabba in the morning is very good for health. Avoid  Amla ka Murabba in the morning. Take  sour eatables things in the afternoon or evening to reduce Joints pain. For Slimming take lime water after lunch or dinner. Use of Lime water in the morning may  cause  Arthritis.

21.) Ladies with empty  stomach or late breakfast may  like washing clothes. Today ladies do their breakfast very late (and say first let me finish all the work then I will eat breakfast ) It will cause back pain, neck pain and arthritis. So it is better to eat something in the morning to keep  away these diseases.

22.) Junk Foods like Chowmein, Burger, Pizza may be taken  with  soup, tea or juice. But  It  may cause Pimples, Dandruff or Acidity. Water is  best  for easy digestion.

23.)  Curd milk or salted lassi, Raddish salad  are good for digestion with feast (heavy food).

24.) Avoid refrigerated  chutney. It  may cause  thyroid pain. Eat  fresh  chutney.

25.) Cancer can be avoided with use of fresh eatables. Avoid refrigerated eatables.


In cough, fever, cold, headache, throat pain avoid  use of curd.

Don’t watch TV while eating.

Walk fast in morning and slowly in evening.

Eat heavy breakfast

Pain in ankle is due to the use of dry vegetables eat more vegetables tari (curry).



(contributed by :- Dr. Rakesh Chand Garg, Homeopathic Doctor,  KH-89,Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad,Ph. 4101721, Mobile – 9211610408)



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