Hair style

Style is the way, the art, in which we are presenting or going to represent an object. You can bay it a way of presenting something. Style can be of many types. Few of the examples are living style, dress up style, interior decoration style. Hair style is also one of them. Hair style is an essential part of complete personality. Hair style is an art of presenting ones hair in a beautiful manner. It’s the way of doing something with ones hair a than, presenting them in a more beautiful manners.

Hair style is greatly influenced by the culture, the tradition of a nation. In spite of the culture norms, most of the people like to copy, or like to follow the hair style of a celebrity. People of all ages want to be look like as attractive, beautiful and young, as a celebrity. In the past. The long healthy hair was thought to be sign of beauty.

Mr. Martin Luther explained it very beautifully in his word that are,” the richest ornament of a woman, is her healthy hair”.


But, these days the trend is changing rapidly due to the impact of media and fast growing globalization. Now the women whether they live in eastern countries or in European countries like to have short hair or medium hair. Some time a grumps looking hair cut can give a woman, an appearance like a man. So, be careful when you are going to adopt new haircut or hair style. Your choice must be according to your looks and according to the fashion of the day. Most of the women like to have haircut according to the fashion in spite of paying attention to their looks. This might be possible that haircut is according to fashion but not according to the features, face and personality of that woman. This is one of the major mistakes, that is done by the women while adapting new hairstyles and hair cuts.

Hair style technique and hair cut is an opportunity for us. Now it’s up to us how we can utilize this opportunity. Bob cut, now a days, is very well-liked among the girls. There is no more style of having long hair. Because; the women think that long hair want more care and instance while those of shot hair.


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