Gujarat – Pride of India.


 Gujarat – Pride of India

“GUJARAT” government  is the  2nd best State Govt in the world, 

as announced by International Council of  UN.


  • Gujarat  had  to pay 50,000 Crores loan to World Bank just 10 years in year 2001.
  • Gujarat Government have a deposit of  one  lac crores  in the World Bank today.
  • Gujarat proudly has   “NO BARS”
  • Gujarat proudly has   “NO POWER CUT”
  • Gujarat proudly has   “100%  education for Ladies”
  • Gujarat proudly has   ‘100%   Jobs / Employment’
  • Gujarat proudly has   “15%  of  Total   INDIAN   EXPORT  is  from Gujarat”
  • Gujarat has the targets  to  beat  Singapore by year 2021.



Think who is  The INDIAN    IDOL  ?



(contributed by: Mohan Rao on 04.10.2011)


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