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Fantastic Cooking Plant in India

The kitchen from the outside –

A three-storey building which uses Gravity Flow Mechanism developed in-house By our team. Each kitchen has the capacity to cook between

50 000 to 100 000 Mid-day meals per day. Costing approximately 9 crores to set up, they are built with funds from public donations.



                                    Kitchen layout seen from Inside –

The kitchen from the inside, consisting of rice cauldrons each of which cooks up to 110 kg of rice in 20 minutes.

Sambar cauldrons cook up to 1200 Litres of sambar in two hours.

    It is washed thoroughly on the 2nd floor

Washed rice is sent down the chute to the 1st floor

 Rice pours down into steam heated cauldrons For cooking. The entire cooking process takes place on the 1st floor

                                          Cooking process on First floor

Super heated steam is used to cook food instead of flame.

                                              Steam used for cooking

When cooking is finished, it is loaded into trolleys


ooked rice sent to Ground Floor
Flows down the pipe to containers
Piping Hot rice loaded to vans
Food Materials in Kitchen
Stocks in Kitchen
Washed Dal & Vegetables from II Floor
Vegetables & Dal being cooked
Sambar. being cooked
Mixing Chapati dough
                                                      Heavy Rollers flatten the dough






                                                                   Chapatis cut round
Making Chapatis
Segrating Chapatis
Transporting Hot Food
Happy Kids
Healthy food healthy children

Happy Kids

Students benifited from akshayapatra

(contributed by:   Kapil Bamba on  28.10.11), source :

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