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Complexion refers to the natural color and appearance of the skin of a person. Human skin color can range from black to pinkish white. In pinkish white complexion the skin color is actually colorless, showing pink color of the blood in the skin. On average, women have slightly lighter skin than men.

In general, people originated from sunny regions have darker skin color (darker complexion) type than people from regions of less sunlight. Nature has powered human body to protect itself from any harmful effects of sun. Therefore, people who live for long periods in sunny regions, i.e near the Equator have larger quantities of melanin, a protein molecule in their skins to protect them against high levels of exposure to the sun. This makes their skins dark brown or black.

Many names have come from the person’s skin color or complexion. For example

  1. The Indian names Kalu, Bhure Lal or Gori Bai: a person with black, brown or fair color.
  2. The Scottish surname Bain : a person with a fair-hair.
  3. The Irish surname Rogan : a person with red hair.
  4. The English surname Brown : a person with darker complexion.
    The English surname White : a person with light complexion.
  5. The surname Gough : a person with red or ruddy complexion.
  6. Dunn hair : a person with a brown or dark hair.

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