ECG on iPhone – Amazing video.


ECG on iPhone – Amazing video


To all my fellow medical doctor colleagues: You must see this mail.

It is so much easier and cheaper I think compared to our usual ECG machines which will cost us thousands.

However, also bear in mind that the doctor featured in this video is also a good businessman I think !

Can this introduction of ECG technology or software be patented ?…rightfully shouldn’t for the sake of medical science advancement !

Perhaps in future, our patients having this i-phones could even learn to transmit to us his or her heart attack ECG for consultations and get treatment at  home or anywhere !

Fantastic !!

To all my non doctor friends: Take note of this new technology and be informed !

Interesting isn’t ?


Science and Technology at its height! 

Watch video on how you get the E.C.G. 🙂 using the iPhone App.




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(contributed by:Mohan Rao 19.12.2011)


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