Duniya Badal Jati Hai.


 Duniya Badal Jati Hai

Result agar acha ho:                            (If result is good)

Teacher – Hoshiyar bacha hai        (Intelligent Child)
Maa          – Bhagwan ki kripa hai    (God’s grace)
Papa         – Beta kiska hai                     (Whose son?)
Friend     – Chal daaru peete hain  (Let’s have a drink)

Result agar bura ho:                           (If result is bad)

Teacher – Padhai mein dhyan hi nahi         (No focus on studies)
Maa          – Aag lage iss mobile mein               (Let the mobile be burnt)
Papa        – Laad pyaar ne bigaad diya hai  (Pampering spoilt him)
Dost         – Chal daaru peete hain                       (Let’s have a drink)

On Birthday
Mother          – Jug jug jiye mera beta                      (May you live long, my son)
Papa               – Hamesha aagey bade in life          (Go ahead of me in life)
Dost                – Chal daaru peete hain                        (Let’s have a drink)

Love me fail hone par                               (When failure in love)
Maa                 – Beta bhool jaa usko                             (Forget her son)
Papa               – Mard ban jaa                                             (Be a Man)
Dost                -Chal daaru peete hain                        (Let’s have a drink)

Duniya badal jati hai par Dost  kabhi nahin badalte.            

(The world changes but friends don’t)


(contributed by : user A Mohan Rao on 05.05.2011 )


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