Definitely Delhi.


 Definitely Delhi

1- Qutub Minar
    Much taller in every delhiite’s estimation than 72.5 meters, this 12th century monument built by Qutbuddin Aibak would win any poll for the city’s defining structure
2- Jama Masjid
    Among the world’s great mosques, symbol of Shahjahan’s grand vision for the city
3- Red Fort
    Exudes grandeur, imperial might. Represents the seat of power
4- Lotus Temple
    A modern architectural marvel that brought Baha’i faith in national limelight
5- India Gate
    Newest and most popular gate in a city of gates. Evokes memories of summer evening outings and winter afternoon picnics
6- Akshardham
    Temple extra ordinaire that provides a visually thrilling introduction to Indian spirituality
7- Parliament House
    The Colonnaded heart of Indian democracy
8- Rashtrapati Bhavan
    City’s most famous residence. Built on Raisina Hill as a paean to the imperial Raj, now a symbol of sarkari splendour
9- Connaught Place
    Designed as new Delhi’s main market, remains a favourite shopping/ eating destination surviving numerous ‘facelift’ assaults. Has India’s busiest Metro station
10- G B Road
     Hardware market by day, sex street by night. Officially Swami Shraddha Nand Marg, but widely known by initials of its old name,
Garstin Bastion Road
11- Chandni Chowk
     Shahjahan’s silver street has maintained its character for centuries as one of Delhi’s main markets.
12- Mother Dairy
     Universal landmark in any part of the city
13- Lodi Garden
     City’s most celebrated patch of green. Built by the British around Lodi-era tombs and Mughal structures, attracts rich and famous
power walkers
14- Tombs
     Here lie Humayun, Safdurjang, Razia Sultan, the Tughlaqs, Sultanate Kings and other rulers, in tombs that wow the world
15- Nizamuddin’s Dargah
     Resting place of Delhi’s most famous pir, of ”Dilli doorast’  fame. Among the greatest Sufi shrines
16- Ferozeshah Kotla Ground
     City’s principal cricket ground since 1948. Stage for many unforgettable exploits – remember Anil Kumble’s perfect 10.
17- The Ridge
     Delhi’s green lungs and most distinctive geographical feature
18- J N Stadium
     The main stadium for both the 1982 Asian Games and the 2010 CWG. Showpiece of city’s sporting infrastructure
19- Lutyen’s Bungalows
     Spacious and spaced out, among the country’s most prized residential real estate
     One-of-a-kind medical centre in India, as evidenced by the deluge of patients
21- Gurdwara Sis Ganj
     Built on the site of Guru Tegh Bahadur’s killing, a historic place of worship
22- IGI Airport
     Mega and modern, an airport for a city that aspires to be world-class
23- Rajghat
     Site of the Mahatma’s last rites, first of Delhi’s sprawling samadhis
24- Paharganj
     The firangi backpacker’s haven
25- DDA Flats
     Once a symbol of cattle-class housing, now coveted by the middle-class for its resale value
26- St Stephen’s College
     Celebrated seat of learning, envied for its snob value and old boy’s network
27- C R Park
     Biggest showcase of Bong Kalchaar outside of Bengal
28- Jamnaa paar
     Derisive term to describe settlements across the river. Has gained respectability in proportion to rise in realty rates, east of the river yamuna
29- Gates
     Khooni, Ajmeri, Delhi, Lahori, Kashmiri, Mori, Turkman, Kabuli and even one called Tripolia
30- Flyovers
     City with the most number of flyovers. Their role in reducing traffic jams is a subject of endless debate
31- Lal Dora
     Urban-village land. Byword for no-rules-hold construction
32- Tihar Jail
     Nation’s No.1 prison, houses more VIPs than any other building complex in the country
33- Roads
     Broad, tree-lined, beautiful, with lots of rage riding on them
34- Farmhouses
     Built on farmland but nothing agricultural about these mansions in the city’s southern fringe. Often in news for wild parties
35- Chandgiram ka Akhara
     A celebrated outpost of traditional wrestling that has survived the city’s onward march
36- Havelis
     Living heritage of the old city, dying like the culture they represent
37- JNU
     Elite and self-contained; an island of excellence for the academically inclined, reds of all hues and IAS aspirants
38- Supreme Court
     Upholder, protector, interpreter, The wheels of justice grind slowly but do grind – as a growing tribe of VIP defendants would testify
39- Ashokan pillars
     City has two, both acquired. They stand as a link to india’s ancient past
40- Yamuna
     Mighty river of the past, now a drain that receives city’s waste
41- 7 RCR Road
     Delhi’s 10 Downing Street, its most secure residence
42- Jantar Mantar
     The observatory’s not unique to the city, but known across india as a site for protests
43- Ring Road
     Berlin has it, so do Brussels and paris. But Delhi has two – outer and inner – underlining the city’s rapid spread
44- Chanakyapuri
     City’s diplomatic enclave, among the best places to live in india
45- Walled City
     Quaint, congested, overwhelming. For some, here lives the ‘dil’ of Dilli
46- Koi nahi
     What a Delhiite says when he’s at fault
47- Jaanta nahi main kaun hoon?
     No one drops names like a Delhiwallah, especially to escape a traffic challan or enter a prohibited zone
48- Uncle/aunty
     Honorific for anyone, from autowallah to shopkeeper to neighbour
49- Thoda adjust kar lo
     No matter how crowded a place, there’s always space for more
50- Roti Khao
     Polite Delhispeak, means ‘come back after i have finished my meal’
51- Refugee
     From the ranks of the Partition – displaced who embraced Delhi and changed it forever
52- Punjabi baroque
     City’s architectural expression, a confluence of desi ostentation and western aspiration
53- MC/BC
     The rest of the world swears by the F-word. But in Delhi, arguments are rounded off by anatomical references to the adversary’s
mother and sister
54- VVIP
     Very Very Lrritating people. Delhi has more of them than the rest of india put together
55- Club Class
     IIC, IHC, Gymkhana to Masonic & Punjabi Bagh, you haven’t arrived if you aren’t a clubber
56- Mirza Ghalib
     The poet laureate of Delhi, also its most misquoted resident
57- Virender Sehwag
     Viru is to Delhi what Sachin is to Mumbai or Ganguly to kolkata
58- Babus soaking in the winter sun
     The defining image of a sarkari city
59- Plastic wrappings on car seats
     According to city legend, a brandnew car becomes old the moment its seat wrappings are taken off. A true Delhiite lets it peel off on its own
60- Last-minute rush at liquor vends
     Like clockwork, city remembers to buy its booze five minutes before closing time
61- Haggling with the autowallah
     A mandatory ritual before any auto commute
62- Dilli Haat
     Among city’s most popular spots. Proves Delhiites’ insatiable love for ethnic ware and food
63- Phoolwalon Ki Sair
     A 200-year-old floral celebration of Delhi’s composite culture
64- Sunday book market
     A quaint city tradition that has survived despite steep odds
65- Sarojini Nagar Market
     A middle-class shopper’s paradise, has acquired status of a city institution
66- Khan Market
     City’s elite market, has shot into international fame for its rentals that are among the highest in the world
67- R-Day Parade
     National ritual, capital’s pride
68- trade Fair
     Mega fair that’s put Delhi on the world expo map
69- Golgappe and chaat
     City’s favourite snack, pungent, spicy and distinctively Delhi
70- Mughlai
     Cuisine from decadent Delhi, best tasted in the bylanes of jama Masjid and Nizamuddin
71- Chhole bhature
     Came with the punjab refugees, now owned by the city
72- Haveli Food
     Bedmi aalu, Kachori, matthris… a vegetarian’s delight
73- Paranthewali Gali
     City’s original food street, still serves time-defying stuffed paranthas
74- Daulat ki chaat
     Special old Delhi dessert; inadequately described as milk puff
75- Ghantewala Sweet Shop
     Part of Delhi’s landscape since 1790
76- Momo
     Unrecognizable from its Tibetan roots, a dumpling adopted by the city as its own
77- Butter chicken
     Claimed to have been invented in a Delhi restaurant, it’s the city’s gastronomic gift to the world
78- VIP beacons
     Hated symbol of a city that flashes its sarkari power
79- Jams
     Bad and going worse; inevitable consequence of a car-crazy city where public transport options are still limited
80- White Khadi kurta
     For Gandhi, it meant simplicity; for Delhiites, it has come to mean power and corruption
81- Hafta
     The price of Delhi Police’s protection, paid weekly by small shopkeepers and vendors
82- Vishal Bhagwati jagran
     The city prefers to please its gods through nightlong musical vigils
83- Auntyji buying veggies in nightie
     The humble night-dress does double-duty during the day for lakhs of housewives
84- Mall trawling
     Preferred mode of socializing for gen Y; escape from the city heat for others
85- Tehzeeb
     Culture and etiquette, it’s what the city had when our grandfathers were young
86- Paihey
     What every Delhiite is after, not necessarily through the right means. colloquial term for money
87- Puppy
     The young upwardly mobile punjabi, one who zips through town in his flashy sedan playing loud jhankar beats
88- Jaat ki thaath
     The Cash-rich resident of delhi’s villages, whose father made a pile selling his farmlands
89- Car-o-bar
     City’s preferred mode of drinking-on the move or by the roadside snack shop
90- Sunny, Hunny,Pappi te Sweety de papa di gaddi
     Family values still rule in the city
91- Unsafe capital
     Despite slut walks and campaigns, Delhi continues to be India’s most dangerous metro for women
92- Hat Parey
     The overriding sentiment that drives Delhi motorists
93- The Loo
     Nature’s hot blower. Bit irregular in recent years, but when these winds do arrive, the city turns into a dry oven
94- Sardi ki dhoop
     Among the few joys of the city’s harsh winter, that is, on those rare clear days
95- Fog
     Delhi’s winter curse, made worse by ever-increasing air pollution
96- Big fat wedding
     Ostentation is the name of the game and no cost is too high to pay for a ‘wah- wah’ shaadi
97- Djinns
     Not the nightclub, but ghostly beings believed to inhabit ruins like Ferozeshah Kotla, where Delhizens petition them for their wishes to come true
98- Delhi Belly
     “An upset stomach accompanied by diarrhoea” is how the Oxford Dictionary of English describes it. Especially afflicts visitors to india. Why blame Delhi then?
99- DTC
     Delhi’s much-maligned bus service may finally be turning a new leaf
100- Delhi Metro
     One City service that’s world-class and a model for the rest of india

(source : The Times of India dated 10.12.2011)


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