Dared Evils of the World

They are the masters of their trade, never afraid to push boundaries even if it means taking life-threatening chances all in the name of daredevilry.

A policeman performs a stunt through fluorescent tubes and a ring of fire during the Republic Day celebrations in Jammu.

Australian stunt Motocrosser Robbie Maddison, 28, jumps over the 85-metre (279-feet) wide Corinth Canal at height of nearly 100 metres (328-feet) in Greece.

Samat Hasan, a 24-year-old stuntman from Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, walks on a tightrope in Zhangjiajie, Hunan province April 25, 2009. Walking on a 700-metre-long (2,300 ft) rope with a 3.1-centimetre (1.2 inches) diameter and set at a 39-degree gradient, Hasan successfully broke the Guinness World Record for aerial tightrope walking after failing in a previous attempt in October last year.





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