Natural Health Tips

06/02/2012 0 By victor

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

1.) Skin Diseases – Avoid very spicy food with empty stomach.   Do not take  almonds, Ginger tea, Coffee  with empty stomach.

2.) Joints Pain – Sour food with empty stomach in morning may cause Joints pain. Garlic, Ginger can cause Ankles Pain. Avoid Garlic and Ginger with empty stomach, Eating refrigerated  food and loss of  sleep causes  Joints pain.

3.) Ear diseases – First eat food than eat something sour.

4.) Eyes diseases – It is  caused due to excessive consumption  of sour things. Avoid Amla ka Murabba,  Lemon. Apple Ka Murabba is good for Eyes diesease recovery.

5.) Swelling in body – Any problem in Liver cause Swelling in legs / foot.

Eat only fresh food. Avoid  eating  stale food & Dry fruits.

6.) Dental Diseases – Pyrrhia, Swelling in gums and  other dental dieases are due to use of dry vegetables.

To reduce dental diseases , use  more  Vegetables with gravy (tari).

(Contributed by :- Dr. Rakesh Chand Garg, Homeopathic Doctor, KH-89, Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad, Mo. 9211610408, Ph. 4101721)