Couple get married in odd mid-air wedding.

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The Crane at position

 Couple get married in odd mid-air wedding

A pair of loved-up daredevils have walked down the aisle to get married — but only after it was raised 160ft in the air.

Jeroen and Sandra Kippers were hoist into the air on a crane by Belgian firm Marriage In The Sky, along with a vicar and 20 dangling 20 guests.

Aware of the gravity of the situation: Wedding guests look on as a Belgian couple celebrate their wedding 160 feet up

Jump the broomstick: At the conclusion of the ceremony the couple celebrated with a bungee jump

Another platform was then raised holding an orchestra and pianist before the odd aerial wedding ceremony began, where it wasn’t only the bride and groom who looked nervous.

After being pronounced man and wife, the Kippers’ made another big jump… this time off the end of the platform while tied to a bungee rope.


A spokesperson for the organisers said: “Marriage in the Sky is a marriage celebrated in heaven for couples who want to bring their chapel a little closer to angels on their wedding day by raising it 50 metres up in the air.

“It is a unique event meant for couples who wish to transform an ordinary marriage into a magical moment that will leave them, their witnesses, families and friends with an unforgettable memory.”



Mile High Club: Jeroen and Sandra Kippers threw a little more than a bouquet on their wedding day

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