Children of India.


 Children of India

In exhibitions of books, we notice children with extra-ordinary interests. Though adults pull the hands of the young angels, disallowing them to peep in each and every stall; invariably little boys and girls insist on seeing every article on display. Adults do not have interest to know the features of products but from the discussion among the young ones, we gauge how extra-ordinarily they have understood the nitty-gritty of technology. We were ashamed when we attended a class in modern programming languages of computer because the young brains were quicker in understanding the core concept of a problem and develop a program, just to solve it within no time.

What fascinates the children of India?

It is a study that we began, delving into the depths of those innocent eyes. For a long period, we had the notion that children were only preoccupied either with the fantasies of comic books or money making. It was indeed awful to think that children of this sub-continent might be hooked to the idea of migrating to some foreign lands in search of livelihood and get settled there, as their parents have invariably done.

The youth of India today are more anxious about the right job search and in no case spare an opportunity to work in a wealthy foreign land, remaining devoted to the idea of permanent citizenships there. After a stint of some years, they begin referring to that distant place as their home-land and praise it with adjectives of being a place of liberty and opportunities.

We heaved a sigh of relief when we learned about the paean of love from the children for their motherland. Pat came the reply from one child, whom we asked that who his real idol was.

“He is APJ Abdul Kalam-the great scientist and the ex-president of our nation”- He replied without stopping in his single line expression. We were held in a thrall to know that philanthropists, dedicated scientists, spiritual heads, cricketers and sports persons, who have brought glory to India, still inspire our children.

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We passionately scribbled down few of the things, which motivate the future makers of our nation. Those are;


Cricket and Cricketers– Children have a very quick grasp on cricket. In India, Cricket has assumed the importance of the national religion. Children share the fervor of this game with unusual interest. You can know this if you watch a group of children playing this game. It becomes evident from their arguments that how much they are aware about the techniques of this game. They are very keen on knowing the profiles of their national and international cricketers. They are found to be the dedicated fans of cricketers. Most of the renowned cricketers of today used to be die-hard fans of their favorite cricketers during their childhood. In a nation with second largest population in the world, Cricket is the most preferred game because it is a challenging sport. It inspires the young minds to follow life with the zeal from Cricket.

Books– Books are second favorite of children. The magical charm of Huckleberry Finn, Alice in the wonderland and Harry potter helps them build up their own world of imagination.   Despite the emerging trends from television and computer, books have so far remained an important medium for self-development. Indian epics like Mahabharat and Ramayana have retained their hold on the children for they love to learn from such readings.


Computer, internet and video-games- Computer education appeared in India only in the year 1989.With the passage of twenty two years, virtually it has taken the entire nation in its fold. Children have demonstrated amazing skills in computer languages. Internet has already become part of education of every kid in his school. Video-games are another attraction for the young children. In the exhibitions held in the schools, children show video-games prepared by them with skills from animation.


Science and technology– The old pattern of education is gone. Now there is a new awakening for education in Science. Children right from a very early age dream about a career in Science. Institutions, catering to related scientific studies are mush-rooming. Indian society is under transformation. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is the idol for all the future generations. In quiz competitions, we just marvel at the level of knowledge that children have acquired. Children talk about space, time and other achievements in technology.


Sports-When we talk about sports, it comes under two categories i.e. indoor and outdoor. Chess is a game and to our nation’s credit, we have many little champions. Teenagers have gone on to become world champions of their age-group. Sports like skating, badminton, tennis and martial arts have many world class winners among the children. It is true that due to poverty, many children are unable to take to sports but in most cases, children from average middle class families have become world-class players.


Music, dance, song and talent contents– A.R. Rahman is a world renowned musician. His Oscar winning feat in “Slum dog millionaire” has inspired children across every part of India. In the metros, children compete strongly for their chances in commercial ads and television has come up with a number of opportunities for children. Laughter shows, song competitions, dance competitions and other related talent competitions for children have won appreciation of viewers of Indian television across the world.


Spirituality– Western influence has not been able to break away children from their traditional spiritual roots. At every spiritual centre, we notice children taking important leads. Yoga, meditation and other related spiritual activities arouse the interest of children to a great extent. Indian kids have come to realize from the precepts of spirituality that the entire world is one family.

The Indian sages said the same in Sanskrit- “Vasudevam kutumbakam”.


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