Cheapest food in India.

03/12/2011 0 By victor


Cheapest food in India


The only place in India where food is cheapest 
Tea                         Rs.   1.00
Soup                      Rs.   5.50
Dal                         Rs.   1.50
Meals                     Rs.   2.00
Chappathi             Rs.   1.00
Chicken                 Rs. 24.50
Dosa                      Rs.   4.00
Veg Briyani           Rs.   8.00
Fish                        Rs. 13.00
This is the actual price list.
These items are meant for “POOR PEOPLE”.
These items  are available at Indian Parliament Canteen.�
The salary of those poor people is Rs.80000 per Month.
This all money comes from our tax payments.