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Amazing Facts About The Earth

  While the coldest place on Earth is Antarctica (-100 degrees F) the coldest spot    was recorded on July 21, 1983 at Vostok Station in Russia, where sensors    recorded –128.6 degrees F.   (That’s a cold summer!) Scientists now believe that we were once not alone in our orbit around the Sun –    we […]

Bermuda Triangle

Top Theories for the Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle         IN AN AREA that stretches from the Florida coast to Bermuda to Puerto Rico, the infamous Bermuda Triangle – also known as the Deadly Triangle or Devil’s Triangle – has been blamed for hundreds of shipwrecks, plane crashes, mysterious disappearances, craft instrument […]

Interesting Facts about Airports, Airlines and Air Traveling

Interesting Facts about Airports, Airlines and Air Traveling # All International Airline Pilots speak English. # Flights longer than 8 hours require 3 pilots (1 captain and 2 first officers) to rotate flying duties. Flights longer than 12 hours require 4 pilots (1 captain and 3 first officers). They usually fly 3-4 hour shifts. # […]

Seven Sweet Facts Of Chocolates Preparation

    Cocoa trees produce pods, which is the fruit chocolate comes from. Large harvests occur by hand twice annually throughout the year. Chocolate liquor is the thick paste generated when chocolate nibs, the roasted and de-shelled chocolate beans, are heated to a high temperature; it’s then separated into cocoa butter and cocoa powder. The […]


Apart from HEAT and LIGHT, the Sun also emits a stream of CHARGED PARTICLES called the SOLAR WIND. The Solar Wind:- Without the Sun, Earth could not support life. The Sun gives off heat and light that the Earth needs to support life (us). If you lived on the Sun, and you built a spacecraft, […]

New Calibry 5.0 Pipette Calibration Software

  METTLER TOLEDO’s latest user-friendly pipette calibration software helps generate accurate results for less rework and reduced operating costs   METTLER TOLEDO’s new Calibry 5.0 pipette calibration software offers the usability of previous versions with an important difference. Identifiers can now be written directly to RFID-enabled RAININ pipettes. Quick tagging offers enterprise-wide traceability for pharmaceutical, […]

Where Hi Tech met Hi Touch

Swami Vivekananda & Jamshed ji Tata In 1893, in a boat that sailed from Yokohama to Vancouver. Two great Indians, one, a monk and the other, an industrialist met for the first time.  The monk was Swami Vivekananda, who was to take and interpret to the West, more effectively than anyone else, the religious and […]

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