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Coldest place on earth is at East Antarctica Soul Crushing -94.7°C

The coldest place on Earth is in East Antarctica. (AP Photo) Nasa satellites have found the coldest place on earth. At a desolate and remote ice plateau in East Antarctica, temperatures hit a “soul-crushing” -93.2 degrees Celsius (-135 degrees Fahrenheit). This beat the previous record of -89.2 degrees Celsius measured at the Vostok Research Station in East …Read More

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Flims Rockslide

The Flims Rockslide is the biggest landslide known to have occurred in the Alps. The effect of the slide is still widely visible today. It moved some 12 km3 (2.9 cu mi) of rock. The top of the slide can be found at 2,700 meters (8,858 ft) above sea level north of Flims at Mount […]

Bridge of the Gods

    The Bridge of the Gods is a natural bridge that was created by the Bonneville slide. The Bonneville slide is a major landslide that dammed the Columbia River near present-day Cascade Locks, Oregon in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. The event is remembered in local legends of the Native Americans as […]

Rainbow Rocks in Mauritus and in China

  In a stunning natural spectacle, the earth at Chamarel, Mauritius, is divided into seven colors – red, brown, violet, yellow, deep purple, blue, and green. The phenomenon, which is at its most vivid at sunrise, is the result of mineral-rich volcanic rock cooling at uneven temperatures. Bizarrely, the different colors never merge even when […]