Tchee – Tea

Welcome cup Tea… very touching… A group of 15 solders led by a Major were on their way to the post in Himalayans…

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   Dhaka DHAKA: India has ceremonially handed over to Bangladesh a vintage Dakota aircraft, which played a crucial role in the country’s 1971…

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India Arising

  India Arising Well explained in the Press release reproduced below:. A few pointing x number of people died in Note lines in…

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Modi ji at work

a href=””> An IAS officer who is posted in North Tripura got a call at 10pm on 21st July. He was surprised to…

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61 yrs Old Granny Clad In Nau Vari (9 Yards Saree) Wins Marathon.

Surprising feat 61-year-old farm labourer runs barefoot, wins marathon beating all other participants Lata Bhagwan Kare leading the marathon in Baramati – DNA/DNA An unexpected participant proved to be the game changer for the Baramati athletes participating in this year’s marathon race. The new participant took the organisers as well as spectators by complete surprise. …Read More

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