You’ll find it difficult to locate another single food source with as much naturally occurring health-promoting properties as broccoli (benefits). A single cup of steamed broccoli provides more than 200 percent of the RDA for vitamin C (again, more than oranges), nearly as much of vitamin K, and about half of the daily allowance for vitamin A, along with plentiful folate, fiber, sulfur, iron, B vitamins and a whole host of other important nutrients. Broccoli contains about twice the amount of protein as steak (more high-protein foods).
Broccoli’s phyto chemicals fight cancer by neutralizing carcinogens and accelerating their elimination from the body, in addition to inhibiting tumors caused by chemical carcinogens. Studies show evidence that these substances help prevent lung and esophageal cancers.
Phyto nutrients called in doles found in broccoli help protect against prostate, gastric, skin, breast and cervical cancers. Extensive studies have linked broccoli to a 20 percent reduction in heart disease risk. In Chinese medicine, broccoli is used to treat eye inflammation.
How much: If you can eat a little broccoli every day, your body will thank you for it. If you can’t swing it, aim for eating it as regularly as possible. Like many other vegetables, broccoli provides fantastic nutrition both in its raw form and when it’s properly cooked.

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