Benefits of Medicinal Plants.


Benefits of Medicinal Plants


Botanical Name  :-      Pandanus Amaryllifolius  (syn:Pandanus Odorus

Common Name  :-     Fragnant pandan, Fragnant Screwpine,

Pandan leaves, Daun pandan (Malaysia/Indonesia), Bai toey (Thailand)

Family name       :-    Pandanacea (screwpine family)

Origin                   :-    Probably originated from Moluccas, Indonesia.

Widely cultivated in tropical Asia namely Sri Lanka,Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines.

Plant type           :-    Indoor and outdoor foliage or shrub ; fragrant herb plant.

Features            :- Pandanus amaryllis folius, the only species with fragrant leaves of the genus, Pandanus, grows between 0.5 to 1 m but can reach up to 2 m in height. As the perennial plant ages and lower leaves are trimmed for culinary purposes, it becomes top-heavy and produces aerial roots and stilt roots to support itself from falling.

Foliage is  green with slender leaves that are lush-green and smooth – edged measuring roughly 30-50 cm long. Their leaves have a depressed center running from the axis outward and gradually flatten towards their tips. It produces suckers laterally and abundantly, if especially grown on the ground with good conditions and these can be used to propagate new plants.Sometimes, it does develop aerial plantlets too.


Pandan leaves consist of essential oils extracted by hydro distillation from leaves parts of pandan leaf. The major components in pandanus amary llifolius is 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline. But as in the present study pandan contains minor component which is cyclo heptasiloxane and cyclo hexasiloxane.The yields of oil for pandanus amary llifolius were 3.76%. Pandanus leaves contain volatile oil which repels cockroaches and vermin.The active principals are mainly terpenes and  sesquiterpene (6-42%).


– Pandanus amaryllifolius repels cockroaches.

– Leaves of pandan are widely used for scenting foods such as rice, jellies or sweets.

– It is used to freshen the air for households.

– It is for diabetics patients.

– Used in closets and drawers to freshen the air. 


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