Aadi Kailash.

Aadi Kailash.

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 Aadi Kailash


‘Aadi Kailash’ is considered Lord Shiva’s oldest abode. Ravana is Biggest Follower of Lord Shiva . Ravana comes from south(Lanka) to the far North Aadi Kailash to pray Lord Shiva.

Where is it & How to go:- Among the five abode of Shiva ‘Aadi Kailash’ is situated in Kumaon Mandal in Uttarakhand. After reaching Dharchula(Muradabad,viaAlmora or Via Pithorogarh, 600 km, from Delhi), Preparation to walk on foots , porter poney arranged to carry luggage from Dharchula. Jeep is the mode of travel from Dharchula to Mangati, then by foot from Mangati to Gala, Budhi, Chhayalekh & then reach Gunjhi(48 km). For Darshana fo Om Parvat, go to Navidhang & then back to Gunjhi. From Gunjhi travel to Kutti(18 km). Kutti to Jolinjkong(14 km), Jolingkong to Aadi Kailash(4 km).

When to go:- Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam. arranges Aadi Kailash Yatra each year from June to August. The cost of this journey is Rs. 18 thousand & Time taken app. 16 days.

Luggage:- Woollens, Swetar, Warm Jacket, Rain Coat, Gloves, Torch, Sports Shoes, Woolen Shocks, Woolen cap, Muffler, Goggles and Stick etc. are required. Important:- If you want to taken a group, you have to take character & Medical Certificate from your city’s District Magistrate, to get a permit from SDM Dharchula .