Diabetic care.


Diabetic care

Antony Raj knew he was genetically predisposed to diabetes as his mother suffered from it too. Despite his healthy lifestyle, he was hit by the disease at the age of 32. Doctors advised him to avoid fried foods and sweets and prescribed medicines which didn’t help much.

Meanwhile Raj was undergoing parallel treatment for a skin ailment. The drugs for this pushed his fasting sugar levels up to 390 – 400 and he was prescribed insulin shots. “My energy levels dropped and I lost interest in everything,” he says. Six months ago he decided to start a healthy regimen. He had made such resolutions earlier too but they had flopped due to professional commitments. “This time I consulted a lifestyle doctor to help me stick to my regimen,” he says. The first challenge was to get up an hour earlier so that his exercise regimen didn’t affect his day’s schedule.

The Plan

20 minute walk in the park with 4 minute warm-up exercise. A minute of high speed running followed by a relaxation exercise makes one set. 20 such reps. Then 50 sets each of pushups, back pushups and squats, making a total of 1 hour of workout for six days a week.

Diet:- Sugarless tea in the morning. No sugary products and high protein intake. Small amounts of carbs in the form of a multigrain chapatti followed by sprouts, fruits and eggs daily. Regular intake of nuts, cashews and walnuts.

His workout plan has helped him in multiple ways. It has reduced his dependence on medicine and raised his energy levels. “My medicines have reduced from seven to one a day. I have also lost 6 kg and heel more energetic,” says Raj. Though he admits it’s not an easy task to maintain such a disciplined lifestyle, there’s no choice if you want to stay healthy and live longer, he says.


(source : Mail Today newspaper)

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