Small Tips

30/03/2011 0 By victor


 Small Tips


A bachelor longs for a wife who will take care of him; so do many husbands.

A child misbehaves to get attention and gets it. 

 A family budget makes you worry about money before you spend it.

A good wife sits up with you when you’re sick and puts up with you when you’re not.

A husband expects his wife to be perfect and to understand why he isn’t.

A women often dresses for the man she likes most and the women she likes least.

For broken marriages many husbands split the blame, half wife’s fault and half her mother’s.

If you think you have trouble supporting your wife, just try not supporting her.

Marriage is good, otherwise we may have nobody to quarrel with.

Marriages are made in heaven, so are thunderstorms.

Sign at a marriage counselor’s ” Out to lunch, think it over ! “.

Smart wives see through their husbands, good wives see them through.

The guaranteed way to save a marriage from divorce is not to show up for the wedding.

The wife isn’t always boss at home, sometimes it’s her mother.

The wife who doesn’t expect a perfect husband is a perfect wife herself.