Apart from HEAT and LIGHT, the Sun also emits a stream of CHARGED PARTICLES called the SOLAR WIND. The Solar Wind:-

Without the Sun, Earth could not support life. The Sun gives off heat and light that the Earth needs to support life (us). If you lived on the Sun, and you built a spacecraft, it would have to go over 618.2 kilometers per second to escape the Sun.



The Sun is 695,000 kilometers at its equator. The Sun is the largest mass in our Solar System.

The Sun is, at present, about 70% hydrogen and 28% helium by mass everything else (“metals”) amounts to less than 2%. This changes slowly over time as the Sun converts hydrogen to helium in its core.

Over one million Earths can fit on the sun.

Sunlight sustains all life on earth, allowing the plants to produce food through photosynthesis.

To reap the benefits of sunlight, humans need a few minutes of exposure to sunlight.

Sunlight has a brighter side too. Sunlight helps in the release of vitamin D in the human body, and it enhances people

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